Westwood is a hard work from the designer, your woman designed as well as produced, while McClellan is ideological , literally in the design as well as creation, the more the mild, elegant, encounter like good people, there is a lovely curly Vivienne Westwood jewellery uk  red hair, but he was a staunch anarchist, he was a Uk Swing Orchestra gunmen set up, all the fanatical philosophy undoubtedly an infection and assistance of Westwood, Westwood said The effect of our own culture, and all superstition, we are trying to find the true independence.

The use of decadent as well as abnormal, deviant and other words to describe the clothing of Westwood, never too much, because your woman kind of different lengths, weird, haphazard clothes really made the actual Western style industry unexpectedly Vivienne Westwood jeans people cannot compliment her masterpiece, but can not fail to frighten her unique style ideas as well as Westwood design prefer or concern, but individuals have to admit which her uncommon, strange perversity of design ideas contribution to todays style industry.

 These people wander like two gives, swaying, crazy current, once the encounter will create a strong lightning, likeminded so that they finally come together, McClellan became her coach and partner,    Westwoods design idea is the most ridiculous in the clothing field, probably the most bizarre, and many end from the originality of the seventies, the womans designs to the use of leather, rubber Vivienne Westwood outlet production grotesque style, swelling like a drum gyroshaped trousers needed to wrap cloth huge felt hat on his head first black leather Tshirts piratestyle crepe clothes with a beautiful trademark.

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Brightly colored Juicy couture colours did not let the fashion you seem oldfashioned out of date, the slim material just like a matte paper, so that your pores and skin is pending, so attractive is not cheap Juicy Couture smart enough to do The traditional monochrome with Juicy couture pinstripe match already can not meet the beauty of the crush.


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