Driving and Mobile Phones As the years go by and the popularity of mobile phones increases, people try to drive and use the device at the same time. Unfortunately, the two rarely are a successful Beats by dre Studio  combination and as a result, accidents relating to mobile phone use while driving have increased.Many drivers do genuinely believe that they are far more capable than the “average Joe” at driving,Monster Dr Dre, but clearly, this is not a test of skill for driving a car, it is a matter of the focus that is required while driving that is the problem.

When you are driving along in your car, there are numerous things to be aware of – other cars and drivers,V-Moda Crossfade Lp Headphones, pedestrians, stray animals,Monster Beats Dre, stop signs, lights, who have right of way the list, could go on. When you add into the mix a distraction that requires you to take your hands off the beats by dre wheel and concentrate on something else altogether, it really is a recipe for disaster. New laws in many states of Australia now enforces that it is in fact illegal to use a phone while driving except for making or receiving a call or to use the device for its audio/music capabilities.

Further to that, the device must be attached to an approved hands-free device – but if you cannot control your vehicle because you are talking on a hands-free mobile phone beats by dre sale you are guilty of an offence. Now if you think that is quite restrictive in terms of being able to use your phone... it is. These new laws prevent distraction when driving and any chance of taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road when talking on the phone.

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