If you're the passionate sort, red may be the choice for you! Red conjures and symbolises a number of emotions, including love, joy, war and power - while these may be conflicting, they all sharePandora Charms Australia one thing in common: passion! So, if you have a fiery personality, don't shy away from revealing it through Pandora jewellery!A number of red-themed Pandora beads are available for collectors who wish to add red to their palette! Choose from a variety of silver beads decorated with red enamel hearts, glass beads with red floral detail, and sparkling beads set with red garnet, quartz and/or cubic zirconia!

Once you've selected beads, if you don't already own one of Pandora's popular bracelets, you can opt for a matching red braided leather bracelet on which to dress the beads! Go for an all-out, red-on-red vamp look byPandora Charms matching beads to bracelet! Even completed bracelets, pre-loaded with red beads, are available if choosing between beads is just too difficult: opt for either Moulin Rouge (CB014) or Heatwave (CB087)!

Although bracelets and beads may be Pandora's most popular proposition, other appealing red Pandora jewellery is available too! Lovepod rings and earrings set with red topaz feature alongside Pandora Charms sale silver options set with garnet and rhodalite, while red leather cord necklets await the attachment of beads!

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