The MIXRs eschew the iconic — and oft-copied — extra-large Monster design for a smaller, more   Beats By Dre online  comfortable feel. The cushioned headband is thin and lightweight, and it flexes easily. Oddly, the MIXRs need to be “broken in” a bit,the unit feels far too tight right out of the box.

The on-ear cups are soft and thick, and while they're not quite as comfortable as those from Beats by dre sale the Beats Solo line, they do limit ear fatigue well. Listening on the MIXRs is a pleasant experience, and you'll feel just fine listening even for two or three hours straight.

It's a solid and flexible design overall, quite possibly the most comfortable set that Monster makes. For all the hype around the Beats Pros and Beats Studios, those units can occasionally feel heavy and ungainly. The MIXRs cheap beats by dre never endure such issues,they're more lightweight, and incredibly comfortable.

There's more to the MIXRs than that. In a nod to the DJs that it's built for, the MIXRs' earcups can rotate off your ear, allowing you to hear what's going on around you. From Beats Pros to Sennheiser's Adidas HD 25s, plenty of other pairs of headphones beats by dre sale have included this feature, but none swivel as cleanly as the MIXRs, which open smoothly, a soft and satisfying click occurring every few degrees.

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