Your personal information is being transmitted to advertising agencies in mass quantities," said Tyler Shields, a senior researcher for application Pandora Sale    security testing firm Veracode, on the company's ZeroDay Labs blog! He based his conclusions on a detailed analysis of Pandora's radio-streaming application for Android smartphones!

Veracode analyzed Pandora's Android app and found five advertisement libraries Pandora Australia compiled into the application, including AdMarvel, AdMob, comScore, Google!Ads and Medialets! The research team analyzed each of the modules to identify exactly what was being collected!

The AdMob library transmitted users' birthday, gender, ZIP code and exact GPS location! The app continuously updated the GPS data, which provided Pandora with "significant insight Pandora jewelry sale into a person's life" by tracking users at home, office and other places, Shields concluded!

The library also accessed the Android ID, the phone's unique device ID! The other libraries collected the same types of information, as well! ComScore's SecureStudies library Pandora Jewelry Australia directly sent a hash of the Android ID to its ScoreCard Research Website! The Medialets library accessed the GPS data, bearing, altitude, Android ID, connection status, network information, device brand, model, release revision and current IP address!
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