A new band that your friends recommended, a song you heard on the radio driving to work, the perfect melody to keep you working hard in the gym, a rhythm you can tap your foot to, an oldPandora Charms Australia   song that reminds you of a person or a great time in your life!Music defines us; it is a constant in our lives, an ever expanding definition of who we are! As we grow, so do the size of our libraries and our tastes and in turn, so does our appetite for discovering more genres, more artists, more songs to fit our moods, our activities, our lifestyles and our personalities!

So, no wonder it drives us crazy when we can't find the song that gets stuck in our head or the name of an opening act at a show that we saw and fell in love with!I've been there, believe me! In the past, this impasse dragged me into Pandora Charms sale its black hole many times! Many of you have found solutions to that temporary song-stuck-in-head or can't-remember-the-artist- name insanity! iTunes, Amazon, imeem or Last!fm all work as anecdotes!

When it does play music, it won't mention what the artist or song titles are, leaving you in the dark when you find something you like!The radio is an excruciatingly painful experience these days! Granted, there is so Pandora Charms much music out there! It is hard to get every single artist on the air, but they could at least act like they care about getting the word out about good music that isn't in the mainstream! And so we become fed up!

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