Entering the far eastern markets in the 1960’s with a boutique store in Hong Kong, the company came out with the famous GG logo that fast caught on among celebrities. By sixties, Gucci had emerged as not just another handbag company, but Gucci handbags nested firmly in the luxury segment. Soon celebrities from Grace Kelly to Jackie Kennedy were sporting handbags from the Gucci stable.

Consumer products slide up fast on the popularity charts if they are endorsed by the high and mighty. Gucci had no shortage of well known actors and actress from Hollywood using their now famous range of handbags.

Products from Gucci became a preserve of the rich and famous and those who were not, but could afford a premier handbag, made a beeline for stores. But the success was too good to last. By the late 1970’s infighting between family members started taking its toll.

The company was on the verge of going under due to frequent business blunders by the sons as well as fierce boardroom violence that ended up in throwing of bags and purses at each other. But all through the family feuds, it was son Aldo who held the reins and contributed much to its success all through.

Perfumery and outsourcing

He brought in his grandson Uberto to start a perfumery division which is still gucci sale a major business contributor. The year was 1979 and to promote the perfumes, leather accessories for storing them were developed by the new company called GAC or Gucci Perfumes Branch. Pens, cosmetic bags, lighters and holders were priced lower than other ranges and Aldo delegated authority of the perfumes division to his son Roberto in a bid to wrest control from his brother.

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