Danish goldsmith, Per Enevoldsen with his wife Winnie, founded Pandora in 1982 in Denmark and since then 55 countries have embraced their hand crafted affordable designs. Spread over 6 continents, Pandora has over 420 stores. Their charm bracelets were introduced in 2000 and since then they have never looked back. Their aimpandora bracelets  always has been to produce the finest quality, hand crafted and affordable charms that let women easily express their individuality and the last decade has seen them prove it.

You can find a Pandora charm to express your feelings for any occasion. Their wide ranges of charms are made of gold, silver, glass and enamel. They are beautifully designed with quality stones and gorgeous colours. The wooden beads are a class apart and come in different shades of elegant brown. The 14 carat gold charms are nothing like you have seen before and perfectly portray Flowers, the Circle of Hope, Love, Big Hearts, Graduation, Heart-Key, Diamond Daisy, Ring of Roses, Teddy Bear, Classic Charm with Onyx, Star of David and many more expressive designs. The stone set charms are exquisite to look at and come complete with different beautifully coloured stones such pandora charms as Rhodolite, Garnett, Zirconia, Blue Spinel, Sapphire and the most popular being Diamonds. There are love charms too, with the I Love You charms, Russian Wedding Charms, Silver Kisses Charms, Silver Heart of Gold Charm; baby charms including Little Boy and Little Girl, Golden Pram and Silver T Shirt complete your charm collection with their heart-warming designs.

Pandora Charms are one of the few brands to offer a discount on selected charms. Search a website that will give you the latest discounts offered by Pandora. This will let you buy more charms for the same price. Buying from online stores has its own advantages. Online stores provide more discount due to pandora jewelry less overhead costs. They have a good returns policy so you can send back products that do not fit you or your expectations. In addition, online stores have a vast collection that is easy to browse and they give product specifications that are not easily available in high street stores.

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