In 1987, LV and Moet Hennessy along with another French luxury goods group to found the group of LVMH and own the brand of Givenchy and other famous brands. LVMH Louis Vuitton Outlet  has been the largest group of luxury goods around the world recent years and opened directly under the branches in major cities worldwide.

In 1997, designer Make Jia in New york and only 34 years old joined LV, as the design director of the group who founded the fashion line which was used to put a new vitality into boutique brand of LV that is a symbol of Paris's tradition. Make Jia made out of Djibouti, "from scratch" minimalist philosophy, he combined the image of classical style of LV and printed on pressure the traditional monogram pattern on candy color coat of leather, together with the clothing, so that the images of LV tend to fashionable and lively, and obtain a consistent cheer in the global fashion

Each piece of leather is printed on pressure in an inconspicuous place has a unique number, and this was deemed as one way to identify the authenticity of the LV. Many Cheap Louis Vuitton year passed, the image of LV become professional and low-key but keep on the elegance and the clothing of black, white, gray, coffee, natural color and other basic colors always bring out the special qualities of the wearer, matching with any style of LV bags.

I believe most people have heard the brand of LV, viz. Louis Vuitton. It is a dream among thousands of girl's dream all the time. I am not exceptional. LV handbag Louis Vuitton Handbags is a superlative accessory that are usually used by those wealthy persons and celebrities. For ordinary people, they deem it as a luxury but they are longing for it unless they have it.

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