Louis Vuitton who was born in a family of carpenter in the countryside of French in 1821 is the first-generation founder of LV. His achievement based on his hard working when he was youny. At his fourteen years, He walked for 400 kilometers to Paris to learn skills and later became a professional technician who is specially to take care of the luggageLouis Vuitton Canada Outlet for the travelling of the royal families. In 1854, Louis Vuitton opened the first shop that was dealt in selling travelling bags near the Opera House in downtown of Paris. He use his name as brand for the commodity he designed. LV bags are light and durable, solid and are of water-proof and the excellent design and fine craftsmanship and its reputation soon spread throughout Europe, then the nobility became the main customers.

In 1885, LV opened the first branch store of oversea in Oxford Street which situated in the middle of London. Then, the brand has never stopped its innovation and expansion. In 1892, Louis Vuitton passed away and his son Georges Vuitton took over his father's business. In 1896, George Vuitton designed monogram pattern which is very popular by now, the letters of LV and four diamond-type flowers and the flowers of positive and negative diamond in the surface of leather became a symbol of the LV logo, even if the styles of LV products are very diversified today, the brand of LV still has a relucent and irreplaceable history.
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The brand of LV has launched a number of classic design year by year. The luggage introduced by LV are designed to travel firstly, the design is always very special, no matter how demanding the requirements of the people, they could always find the Louis Vuitton Outlet satisfaction in the LV products. Early in the LV luggage, the space which was used to store cameras and other fragile items had made out, during the two world wars, many European cars are equipped with water-proof and dust-proof LV luggage. Today, the brand of LV still go on developing new products except for inheriting traditional technology of leather, leather accessories,scarves, pens, watches and clothing which along with leather handbags are of symbol of the refined and comfortable travelling philosophy of LV.

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