I think it is safe to say that animals do not, and can not, read the Bible. Animals and humans are supposed to be separate creations, with mankind somehow something extra special - we've had morality bestowed upon us by God (a God who basically says do as I say, not as I do). There's no mention of God bestowing morals (and related) ontoTrue Religion Deutschland  animals. Yet, there are numerous first hand observations of animals exhibiting behaviour which we would describe as moral or ethical or showing distinction between right and wrong. Now either this behaviour in animals evolved naturally, and by implication our True Religion Jeans Shopmorals evolved naturally True Religion Jeans Outlet too, or else God breathed good behaviour into animals - again no mention of that in the Biblical literature. So, humans True Religion Jeans aren't a special creation based on morality.

As recent and even not so recent revelations have made clear, it has come to pass that not all members in the employment of the inner sanctums of the Church (pick a church, any church) are especially moral beings. If church True Religion Sale Vickers, priests, parsons, rabbis, bishops, and associated clergy types are to be believed, as reported in the media cheap True Religion Jeans and acknowledged by the Church, well let's just say they don't apparently always do the right thing by those in their care. Speaking of all things moral and ethical, the Church has blood True Religion Jeans Online on its collective hands, right up to its proverbial elbows. There's the Inquisition, the Crusades, all manner of Holy Wars, Rather than give second-hand examples of animal morality, here's one of mine - first hand.

My two companion cats hate each other and will engage in a cat fight at the drop of a proverbial hat. However, no attack will even occur when either cat is eating, sleeping, or using the litter box. Then it's truce time. In human society it's considered immoral and cowardly to attack someone when they are sleeping - ditto the cat community. In neither case has True Religion Sale that come from God or Biblical teachings or passages. etc. The Church is guilty of murder, legal death by execution (being burned at the stake, being stoned to death), torture, imprisonment, exile, ridicule, harassment, and all other manner of atrocities, etc. The Church is in no way in any position to cast the first stone, as it were.

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